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Rheinlandhalle Krefeld

Information and visiting-experiences by Haiefans.de (info@haiefans.de, www.haiefans.de)
Translation by Bernt Pölling-Vocke (bernty@gmx.com)

The Rheinlandhalle is everything else than a show-off example for hockey in Germany. Narrow seats without back-rests, mould everywhere and a roof-construction that gives the visiting fans the feeling of watching hockeq in an aquarium (visiting standing-room). With a maximum capacity of 6.714 it´s at least one of the bigger areans around.

The concession stands are few in number and low in quality. First you wait in line for a while and then the product was not worth the wait in the first place. Great combination...

If the arena is sold out I would strongly recommend you to go for the standing-room tickets. When all seating-tickets are sold the stadium-seating (no single seats) is so full that someone always has to lean forward so that all people can sit straight at all. It´s not worth the money when a capacity-crowd is on hand!

After all this critizism there are still some positives about watching hockey in Krefeld. The fans generate s great atmosphere by chanting, singing and yelling, the DJ and stadium-speaker know how to add to this perfectly and team has been one of the better teams in the league on a consistant basis in the past.

Tips for visitors:

the doors of the arena open two and a half hours prior to the games, if a big crowd is expected you might want to come early in order to secure a good standing-position, if you got seating-tickets just hope that it won´t be too full
your ticket is good for public transportation in the are before and after the game
if you plan on getting to the arena by train or bus it might be a wise choice to order tickets in advance so that you don´t have to pay for the ride anymore
a shuttle-service to the main train-station can be found in front of the box-office after each game
you´re not allowed to bring large flags, just for the case you wanted to (due to the roof-construction)

Getting there from the train-station:

Take bus-line 057 from the station, the bus takes you directly to the arena (free with your ticket to the game just as the local trains in the area (2nd class only, 1st class has to be paid extra at the train-station prior to the ride).

Getting tickets:

by phone:  02151/76239-0 (will call tickets)
if you want them sent to you: by cheque (phone (only during the morning, Mrs. Schuenemann, 02151/76239-11)

Tickets and seating-chart:

Tickets cost between 15 and 25 marks for standing (15 is the reduced price for students, 25 the regular price).

Seating should be around 40-50 marks.

Road-fans are placed in the standing area on the western straight (section 1-3) or usually sit in section A, B or C.