Briefing Paper Series

Bernt Pölling-Vocke (

Master of International Relations

Victoria University, Wellington, 
New Zealand

The following briefing papers were submitted over the course of my studies at Victoria University in 2005.
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How do you think these world affairs (the IR of this day and age) are manifest in yourself?

Briefing paper POLS 588, briefing paper 70305.pdf

How do you think these world affairs (the IR of this day and age) are manifest in yourself?

Briefing paper POLS 588, briefing paper 100305.pdf

In what ways are world affairs Christian?

Briefing paper POLS 588, briefing paper 14032005.pdf

The neo-liberalistic economical globalization from a Buddhist point of view

Briefing paper POLS 588, briefing paper 17032005.pdf

In what ways are world affairs modernist?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_21032005.pdf

Why is Descartes said to be the father of modernity?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_24032005.pdf

The struggle for pie and peace: All state leaders are realist. Why?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_11042005.pdf

What is the difference between classical realism and neo-realism?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_14042005.pdf

All state leaders are internationalists. Why?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_18042005.pdf

Can we have democracies worldwide without the world system being democratic?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_21042005.pdf

All state leaders are not globalist. Why?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_02052005.pdf

If there is no imminent world government, why is there so much talk about globalization?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_05052005.pdf

What is economic liberalism?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_09052005.pdf

Is Hayek saying something that Smith did not?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_12052005.pdf

All state leaders are economic nationalists. How?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_16052005.pdf

How would a global socialist economy work?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_23052005.pdf

Where has global democratic socialism gone?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_26052005.pdf

The main way in which individualism is globally articulated is the doctrine of human rights. Can human rights be reconciled with the rights of the community?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_04072005.pdf

Discuss the tension between state-making and liberal self-making.

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_07072005.pdf

Why are all state leaders so nationalistic?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_11072005.pdf

Critically discuss the construction of a New Zealand identity.

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_14072005.pdf

How and why do people form social movements?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_18072005.pdf

Do new social movements represent a threat to statism?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_21072005.pdf

Why is Marxism such a radical critique of all the analytical languages discussed so far?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_25072005.pdf

What is neo about neo-marxism?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_01082005.pdf

If Cox is right, who is winning in the world?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_04082005.pdf

Do ideas matter most in the making of world affairs?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_08082005.pdf

Postmodernism vs. "the rationalist way in which all of the above has been discussed"

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_29082005.pdf

Postmodernism and the war in Iraq

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_01092005.pdf

Why do we need a gendered account of world affairs?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_05092005.pdf

Provide a gendered account of the corporation

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_08092005.pdf

How sustainable are these world affairs?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_12092005.pdf

Does Greenpeace work?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_15092005.pdf

Are the developing nations developing?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_19092005.pdf

Why are wars becoming more domestic?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_26092005.pdf

Who is McDonalds?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_22092005.pdf

Democracies do not fight each other. Discuss!

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_29092005.pdf

Critically appraise the argument in Carroll's article.

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_03102005.pdf

What would a better world look like and how do we get there?

Briefing paper POLS_588,_briefing_paper_06102005.pdf